Eye Care

Contact Lenses


Like spectacles, contact lenses help to correct refractive errors. Contacts provide a safe and effective way to correct vision. They can offer a good alternative to eyeglasses, depending on your eyes and your lifestyle. Our optometrists can update your prescription with the latest innovative technology in contact lenses for [...]

Adult Eye Exams


An eye exam consists of a multitude of tests performed by our optometrists to assess your vision, visual function and ocular health. It is recommended that everyone should have periodic and thorough eye examinations as part of routine primary care, especially since many eye diseases are asymptomatic. Eye examinations may detect potentially [...]

Imaging & Technology


Digital Retinal Scan (DRS): used for monitoring the progression of certain eye diseases and to document abnormalities of disease process affecting the eye. High quality images allow for better progress analysis and assessment of diseases such as diabetes, age related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): Used in conjunction [...]